V-Guard Smart Pro 1200S with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200S with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity you can download the V-Guard Smart application on your phone and control the inverter via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. You can perform various actions. Such as checking the backup time. Switching between different modes. And even reviewing power cuts with the Solar Smart inverter.


Brand –  V-Guard

Model Number –  Smart Pro 1200

Load option –  2 LED TVs(55), Set top box, Wi-Fi Router, 4 Fans, 10 LED bulbs/ CFL, 

 Inverter Refrigerator, Or other heavy load running options(apps)

Type-  Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Model Name–  S with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity (Free Installation) Digital.

Mode Type-  UPS Mode(For computer Load),

Normal Mode (For Domestic Load), Equipment inverter refrigerator.

Material- High-Grade ABS front with CRCA cabinet.

Total Load Support-  1000watt

Solar Panels Support-   600watt

Operating option – Mobile operating system with V-guard App

Mobile Connectivity –  Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Warranty –   2 Years company warranty

Price-  Rs. 8536 

Inverlast Inverter Battery ILTT18048N

Output Features

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200S with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Efficiency–   >85% 

Output Voltage–   User-adjustable output (through app) 240V in high-performance mode 220V  in normal mode, 23V in UPS Mode.

Output Frequency-  50Hz +/- 0.5 Hz in Backup mode

Overload–  Automatic Overload sensing with 5 retries in Normal Mode

AC Output Types-  5 Pin in 6A Socket

Changeover Time-  10ms

Changeover Voltage-  95V in Mains Low, 295V in Mains High

Surge Rating –   2000VA

Overload rating-  200%

Other output Features-  Special Feature for inverter refrigerator compatibility(Accessible through app and Selection Switch)

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