URBANURJA UTL Gamma PCU 224 MPPT- Gamma PCU is a Solar Power Conditioning Unit(PCU) which user Solar energy and also the power from the grid to charge the batteries. Since the usage of power from the grid is secondary, grid power is only used when solar energy is not present and battery voltage level reduces to a certain level.

URBANURJA UTL Gamma PCU 224 MPPThttps://amzn.to/3EeCKGw

GAMMA PCU has the following advanced feature like DSP-based design. This PCU has a built-in MPPT solar charge controller with the most advanced LCD features. Maximum preference for solar.

Smart PCU, Capability of 100% panel rating compatible with all PV arrays having different no of cells(36/60/72 cell) lighting protection, High-efficiency MPPT, and inverter with the Solar Off-Grid Smart Digital Display Inverter.

Inverlast Inverter Battery ILTT18048N 150Ah

** Battery Health for longer life

** Extensive electronic protections

**Utilizes maximum power available from the panel

Battery Health for longer life

Gamma PCU feeds the battery installed to it a constant boost charging current until its voltage reaches 14.2V and the float current which is very close to zero then maintains this voltage above 13V. Reducing the float current to zero,  ultimately resulted in much-enhanced battery life keeping it fully charged simultaneously. URBANURJA UTL Gamma PCU 224 MPPT,  Solar Off-Grid Smart Digital Display Inverter you can use with a smart inverter.

Extensive electronic Protections

There are a number of protections that gamma PCU ensures. it stops reversing the current flow from the battery to the solar array. IT provides load short circuit protection. It provides battery/Panel reverse protection. DC fuse, Overload protection, Input low/High, output Low/High.

Utilizes Maximum Power available from the panel

Maximum power available through Gamma PCU senses the point from the panel and charges the battery with this maximum power. Therefore the battery is always charged with maximum capacity and thus delivers the best possible result.

LCD Display

Gamma PCU is available with LCD, for the batter user interface. It shows battery voltage, percentage, input voltage, Input frequency, Solar voltage, Solar current & Solar power. It has switches to configure Operational mode, No-load shut down, Grid charger, IT load, Input source.

Price-Rs 14,670 Online

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