Tata Solar panels price list in India

Tata Solar panels price list in India- Tata Solar are providing all solar solutions since last 29 years with the best and super world class solar products with legacy of technology innovation manufacturing units. Tata name is a very reputed name in all over world including India in solar product business with recognized for its efforts driven by quality and reliability in solar panel both within India and worldwide. Tata Solar panel company has his own module manufacturing unit capacity of 400MW and the cell manufacturing unit with a capacity of 300 MW with over 1.7GW of modules shipped globally in the past 22years.

Tata Solar

Tata Solar panels price list in India.

Tata Solar Panel  50 watt – Rs 2400 – 48Per/Watt(Rs)

Tata Solar Panel  75Watt – Rs 3600 – 48Per/Watt(Rs)

Tata Solar Panel 100Watt – Rs 4000 – 40Per/Watt(Rs)

Tata Solar Panel 200Watt – Rs 8000 – 40Per/Watt(Rs)

Tata Solar Panel 250Watt – Rs 8750 – 35Per/Watt(Rs)

Tata Solar Panel 295Watt – Rs 8850 – 30Per/Watt(Rs)

Tata Solar Panel 300Watt – Rs 9000 – 30Per/Watt(Rs)

Tata Solar Panel 305Watt – Rs8540 – 28Per/Watt(Rs)

Tata Solar Panel 315Watt – Rs 8820 – 28Per/Watt(Rs)

Tata Solar Panel 320Watt – Rs 8960 – 28Per/Watt(Rs)

Tata Solar Panel 325Watt – Rs 9100 – 28Per/Watt(Rs)

Tata Solar Panel 330Watt – Rs 9240 – 28Per/Watt(Rs)


Tata Solar panels price list in India-

*Torsion and corrosion resistant with anodized aluminum frame.

*Cells sorted by Power and current to minimize losses in the modules.

*Highly relable IP67 rated junction box.

*Highly fill factor to improved energy conversion efficiency.

*Electroluminescence tested for microcracks.

Advantage of Tata Solar panel

Tata Solar panels price list in India-

very huge unit energy generated due to positive power tolerance of up to 5W

Reliability under extreme weather condition

Manufactured in India Using world class processes.

TUV &  UL certified potential induced degradation free modules.

Peace of mind guaranteed by Tata Power Solar for 25 years performance warranty. 

General Points to know about Solar-

Solar Panels Shading 

Tata Solar panels price list in India- The Solar panels are affected by the shading of surrounding trees and buildings basically anything that casts a shadow on th the solar panels. The sunlight converted into energy by the solar panels shall depend on the duration and amount of the shadow falling on them lesser the shadow, more energy will produce.

Solar Panel Direction-

Solar panels face require true south direction for maximum power generation. The reason behind it is that when the sun moves from the east direction to west direction you get maximum exposure when your solar panels faces southwards. solar panel direction should be on south facing to generate more energy and get more benefits.

Solar Panel Tilt Angle

The angle at which the solar panels are fixed is according to your location latitude. In general the angle of tilt will lie between 20 to 25 in north India and 9 to 12 degrees in south India. The angle decreases as the altitude of installation increase to nullify the impact of high speed winds on the solar panel installation.

Solar Structures

Material and work-man-ship play an important role in the installation of a solar rooftop solution system.  The weight of the PV system and the mounting structure need to be designed according to the wind loads at location in accordance with the wind speed zone. However ready made and modular mounting structures pre certified for certain wind speed are readily available in the market and may be incorporated into the solar panel design. Galvanized iron(GI) or aluminum are the most common material used for mounting solar panel. In the cases of GI structures the quality of galvanization for ensuring a rust free life

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