Havells Solar Inverter 1500Va-24V

Havells Solar Home Inverter 1500Va 24V

Product Short details. Havells Solar Inverter 1500Va-24V: Havells presents state of art solar home inverter solution. Series of solar panels mounted on the roof are connected together to change solar radiation to electrically energy to use for home office and everywhere. 1. Material – PVC2. Color- Gray3. Load Sharing by solar and battery4. Protection from … Read more

Inverlast Inverter Battery ILTT18048N 150Ah

Luminous ILTT 18048N 150Ah

Inverlast Inverter Battery ILTT18048N 150Ah- This is Next Generation Tall Tubular battery. Battery is operate with good charging & very long backup apporx 30% more acide volume per amp/hrs. Than ordinary tubular batteries. Capicity-  150Ah(12V)Tall Tubular BatteryWarranty-  36+24 Months(inclusive of Prorata)Total Warranty- 60Months Price- Rs. 15100 Equipment running capacity Electricity store- 1500 watt Max. ** 3 … Read more