EAPRO 1700 Hybrid Solar Inverter

EAPRO 1700 Hybrid Solar Inverter

* Capacity- 1450 VA 

* VA Capacity- 24Volt DC

* AMP- 50Amp inbuilt Solar charge controller

* Display- Large display with all display parameter with setting fully adjustable for batter performance.

* Technology-EAPRO 1700 Hybrid Solar Inverter have DSP sine wave true Hybrid RTC( Real tie clock) based technology.

* On-Site Warranty- 2 years on-site warranty.

* Solar panel support- 1500 watt

EAPRO 1700 Hybrid Solar Inverter is the most innovative and advanced UPS that runs both on solar power and the utility (grid supply) power supply. EAPRO true hybrid solar home UPS is the advanced solar hybrid home UPS that charges the battery thru readily available solar energy mains by using its artificial intelligence. Its ISSRC logic uses solar power for its maximize utilization to empower homes.

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