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These are bloggers who are living a boss-free life or are currently moving in that direction.
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·         Health Tips, medical advice, News, Business Tips, Business Ideas, Online earn money, Computer Tips & Tricks & educational information, History post.  
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·         Basic & advanced WordPress, SEO, and Social media, marketing techniques.
·         A community of like-minded bloggers
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·         Complete “How-To” of inbound marketing to increase traffic, sales & brand value.
·         The Affiliate Marketing Handbook & WordPress eBook by Blog Scientist Mukesh Sharma
·         Also you can watch technical video on my YouTube channel( **mukesh tech) please click on this link– https://www.youtube.com/view_all_playlists?o=U&ar=3
I have registered on Blogger.com site on year 2011 & you will get rich experience with www.mukeshhelp.com site.