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Luminous Solar NXG 1100/12V UPS is an intelligent hybrid inverter with 30 amps inbuilt solar charge controller. The inverter supports up to 600 watts of solar panels. It is suitable for running up to 850 va load mix of 8- 10 led lights, 2-3 fans, 1 television, 1 small fridge with laptop and mobile charging during power cuts. It always gives priority to solar for charging battery from solar panels.
up to 600 watt solar panel compatibility
electricity savings of 3 units per day.


Brand-.             Luminous
model — .          nxg 1100
capacity–         850 VA
technology–.   pure sine wave (latest)  power load– . upto 850 va,
                          mix of 8 – 10 Led, 2-3  fans, 1                              television, 1 juicer with                                       laptop and mobile charging.
backup time–  6-10 hours


mains available – yes
battery charging through mains – yes
battery charging through solar panel – yes
voltage regulation display – yes
power savings – yes
load output through Battery – yes
low Battery Indication – yes
overload Indication – yes


wave Type .- .         pure sine wave
voltage window–.  (eco mode): 100 volt – 290 volt
voltage window — .(UPS mode) 180 volt – 260 volt
full battery recharge time– .  10-12 hours
charge controller –.  rating 30 amps / 12V

protections overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, battery low cut off

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Watch must for more details –
Luminous Solar Inverter Price

Watch must for more details.

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About Solar

Mostly are 3 types of technology utilized the solar panels available in the market place mono crystalline, poly crystalline & Thin Film.

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Monocrystalline panels

The names guide , mono crystalline or poly crystalline are both types of solar cell that are made from crystalline silicon. Most all quotes you will get when considering buy solar panels for your home will use crystalline solar panels.

Best Solar Panels in low price- Mono Crystalline V/s Poly crystalline- These type of crystalline silicon solar panels are known is the industry as simply `mono` and `poly` panels.

How to prepare for examination
A long time , the most common types of the solar panels used in residential molars installations in America were mono crystalline solar panel. However ,the last four years poly crystalline solar panels have becomes the most commonly use solar panels in residential solar installation in America.

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