How to calculate solar power requirements

 ?How solar power do are  you need 
So you want to set your rig up the solar but you are not sure what the size of setup you need?this is blog is designed to give you the tool needed to able to work out exactly what are you drawing from your rig’ s batteries and what are type of solar set up you need. 

How to work out watts
The large solar panel will collect more and more energy less time, but just how big does the solar panel need be? 
A power consumption of appliance is usually gives in watts. The calculate energy you will use over the time, just multiply power consumption by the hour of the use . For the example:
10 what device use over 3 hour equal 10×3= 30 watt.

How to  we convert Amps to watts
A energy in watts is equals to the electric charge in a Amps time the voltage in the volts 
Watts= Amps × volts 
The find electric charge in Amps when the energy consumption is the 300 watt and voltage is the 240 vollts.
300 watts/ 240 volts = 1.25 Amps.
The solar panel are commonly used to charge a battery-not to charge a device directly. There are a couples of reasons for the having batteries . This solar panels ais should not be generate sufficient  watts to the directly power a appliance, and can build up a higher wattage via an battery. Secondly the battery can regulate this Power goins in the appliance at constant rates. 
Battery  capacity is a  measured in Amps hours( eg.120 Ah) you are need to a convert this to watt hours by the multiplying the ah figure by the battery voltages ( eg. 12 v) see the calculations above
Ah refers to Amps hours. Rating are usually found on deep cycle battery . If in a battery is rated at a 100 AMps hours it is should delived 5 Amps of a power for a 20 hour or 20 amps of a power for a 5 hours.

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The when closing a battery, keep in mind a equipment you will be a powering and a time in which they will be running.theoretically an100 Ah battery can be deliver 5 Amps over is a 20 Hours period ( and so on) taking into account  a average small campsite- with a small 45 w fridge a running  for a 6 hours ,3 hour of 15w lighting a and 20w of others electronic equipment the minimum consumption  to a expected is a 335 w. The Take is this wattage and divide a it by the voltage, 12 v, give 28ah. The smarter battery is  setup would  to use an iTech 120 lithium battery. With the aim of a leaving 50%  in  a battery bring the requirements is to 56 ah per day.AGM batteries usually weigh 35 kg but and the TECH120 battery weighs just 13 kg. You all can also use more of the battery capacity in a iTECH 120-80% which are the mean it’s usable  amp hours waiting is a similar a 200 Amp hours AGM. 

How to calculate solar power requirements
How to calculate Solar panel

solar panels are power generation is commonly  given in a watt e.g.120 watt.the to calculate this energy it can supply the battery with, the divide watts by the voltage of the a solar panel.

120 Watts/18v= 6.6 Amps .
The power is inverter convert is your storage’s battery power into a the 240 volts AC that runs your appliances. Unless you only Run 12 volt DC applianceyou are will need a power of inverter to supply your AC.
There are two type of inverters 
 The modified sine wave & Pure sine  wave
The modified sine wave used is to be considered adult power but the some aren’ s s bad they are used to be, you can use this inverter type for a things that don’t have sensitive electronics 4 example fridges, cookers pumps you are may have to be careful Ved some appliance search s laptops and TV so check first.
The charge controller/ regulators
You can use charge controller from above 50 watt solar panels. Charge controller/regulator is a necessary to protect the batteries from overcharging and supply  them with the proper amount of energy e to promote a Long battery life. If the charge it regulated it can have a damaging effect on the battery being charging.

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