How to prepare for examination

Important points  please follow these tips

Time management-daily routine

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You  should make a chart  for your daily routine schedule and you need to give  maximum time for your study  . that simple time is one of he most dangerous thing you should take care of .supose you spend 4-5 hrs in your bad and rest 19-20 hrs must be used for your exam prepation . your daily routine must be like wake up at 4’o ck ‘, take 10 min  to be fresh and have a cup of tea. Then open your books and study till 6 ck ‘ and then ready for school then eat’s food . if you did ‘not care of time , time will never give you a change to care for the thing you needed .

2)    Take a nap & sleep well

How to prepare for examination- Sleeping is the best experience  for any one ,but our parents thinks that is exam time so you should  not sleep for more than 5 hr . do not  continuously for more than 3 hr take 10 to 15 min  break between your study , it will have you to remind what you learnt . I have hard people scolding their children for not sleeping  before  12 pm and walking up at for 4 pm . this  is not
 Good for health and you have to pay for it if you are doing so take full 5 hr  of sleep  and this  relaxation  will help you to score  good marks  .

3)    Having good drinking  and food will help more water :-
71 %  of your brain  is filled with water , so that you  must know the important of water . health food , water and juice  are high of energy and protein  which helps your brain to work  fast  and also helps  remembering  what you studied. Regularly drink water and drink more then  3 letter per day . well food will help you to focus oevery subn your study and this wlii also make you physically strong  .which is really important according to the exams. 40 to 50  marks really hard to get and these marks will decrease your per centages  by 2 to 4 .

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4)      Plan your study –make important notes and select topic :-
Make your study plan and include every subjects don’t’s leave anyone  .for a day give some hours to particular subjects , subjects, which you finds are hard schedule on top in the early morning .Revision is  important thing , learn today and revise tomarrow . this key witime ll make succed and help you to score  good in board exam . don’t  forget scoring  subjects over  confident about some student  very confidence our self in most subjects  and they at the they find sad faces and rost paper of that same subjects .
Important tips on examnation :-
1)In examination  time learn assignment and notes  revise .
2) In examination  time you draw for margin line in four side and your writing be neat and clean .

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