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Dryphon® N4 Dust Protection Half Face Anti Pollution Mask for Bike Riders || Mask for Bikers/Men/Women/Boys/Girls || Washable || Color May Vary

As we are going with Corona virus in complete India including whole world. Corona virus is a very critical virus for us due to still medical science cannot be develop any vaccine. Due to we have no any vaccine so we need to be prevent our self from such virus through hand wash, wear mask & with maintain social distance.

Face Mask

1)    Organic cotton—Very very softy organic cotton fabric the back to provide skin & face safety

2)    Control Pollution- This mask protect through filtering out the majors of particles from pollution through its multiple layers.

3)    Protection by Multiple layers- There is technical carbon activated filter for best safety filters from dust & jorums particles.

4)    Ergonomic Fit-  This is a very technically designed by our technical team to have perfect fit to use for Male & Female both.

5)    Washable and Reusable- There is fabric water resistant & we can clean the mask through washing with wet cloth/hand washed and we can use again as new good mask.

Specifications about this mask

Brand Name                                   LIONCROWN

Colour                                               Baby Pink

Items Numbers                                 1

Size                                                   Free Size

Part Numbers                                   L003_ Pink    

Why need to wear Filter Mask instead of Non filter mask?
Non filter/simple mask does not prevent so batter from dust & dirty partials compression filter mask. So need to wear filter mask instead of normal mask.

Tulsi Benefits…
There are much benefits of Ganga Tulsi drops Ras..
Ganga Tulsi is the better than from other Tulsi drop. Ganga Tulsi is organic Herbal Extracts of tulsi oil drop.

 Best Tulsi
Ganga Tulsi is a 7 types of Tulsi drops, it is a pure herbals extract of Natural Tulsi.
Each 10ML of Ganga Tulsi drops 9.75ml is pure organic Tulsi.
Ganga Tulsi is a natural immunity booster, Ganga Tulsi helps in Cough, Cold, Stomach problems. Also helps in weight loss, helps to improve digestive systems & improve healthy lifestyle.

Ganga Tulsi helps to improve the mind & body weakness.

Ganga Tulsi helps to living disease free & enhances your jolly mood.
    Ganga Tulsi is 100% organic, Harbal & Natural drops.
    Ganga Tulsi don’t have side effects.

Why Necessary above both things 

As most people know about Corona, no vaccine has been prepared yet and the government is ready to control it in its own way but still some anti-social elements are engaged in spreading false delusions. I want to appeal to all those people that nobody should be misguided nor can anyone be tricked if someone says that drinking this medicine will not come to you. With the help of this medicine, you will not be able to avoid all such things, and the only cure for this disease is to remain locked in your house so that the corona that remains is in any way Breaking and that is possible only when you are imprisoned in your homes.
Corona is such a virus today because of which the whole world is troubled and all the countries are trying their best to deal with it. In view of all these things, India is also working on a war footing and more than half of the countries are locked down. Has come to the brink and the government is appealing to all citizens that you stay safe in your homes only then we will be able to defeat Karo Na.


This is an epidemic that no vaccine has yet produced and teams of doctors are constantly working and working day and night to combat civilians.


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