What precautions should be taken in using credit card

What precautions should be taken in using credit card

 We should be very careful while using credit card. If we do not use the credit card at the right time and at the right time, then we may face a lot of problems as you know that nowadays, a lot of crime  Growing through cybercrime and every fifth person is being victimized.

 To avoid cybercrime, we have to be very careful. Credit card debit card or ballet payment, like Paytm phone on Amazon, as much as any payment website or debit card or credit card, we use them very carefully.  Now I will tell you further how you should use your credit card debit card and what precautions should be taken  You should pay attention.

 1, You should not give credit card and debit card to any unknown person and show it. If you give or show credit card and debit card to someone or for any reason, then they will get your debit card and credit card with cybercrime.  You can do it like the number is written on the debit card and the credit card and the expiry date is written and the cvv number is written on the back.  International payments can be made very easily and banks can not even know where the payment has been, how it has been done and when a lot of crime can be done with this information. International payments do not require OTP only.  OTP is required for the payment that is being made within the country, then you should very carefully keep the credit card and debit card with you and any  Should also not show and tell.

 2, Sometimes by becoming a phone banker, you get a call that you have 10000 Reward Points. If you give some information, then a gift voucher will be sent to your address and most people come and give their card information to them.  And in a few moments, money gets debited from credit card or debit card and if you get a message, then do not be lured by the caller like this, cut the phone immediately.  Should be given and no one should give secret information about their card.


 3 ,.  When you make a payment, OTP definitely arrives on your mobile, do not share that OTP with anyone, it is a secret code and you should use it very carefully.

 4, If your credit card or debit card is lost or lost, then you call the customer care number of that bank and immediately close the credit card and debit card, otherwise it is very likely to be misused.  |

 5, Write the details of your card somewhere and wherever you can easily get the credit card or debit card lost.

 6, Do not send the password and user ID of internet banking to anyone, no one should give information about it to you, there can be a big fraud with you through internet banking, so use internet banking very carefully.

 Friends, I hope you have liked this post very much and hope that you will use your credit card and debit card very carefully and share this post to your friends so that everyone can use these precautions.  In today’s era, everyone has Android mobiles and most of the transactions are going on online, due to incidents like cybercrime, due to which Cyb  Crown B is much more we can avoid cyber crime using these small precautions |

 Thank you.

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