Making a credit card payment

 Making a credit card payment

 To pay for a credit card, we have to keep many things in mind. Credit card is a very useful thing in modern times. It is a loan that is done by banks by looking at the value of your credit card.  Credit card is not given to every person because free credit card is given on the basis of income of every person, which is income of every person  After taking a credit card, most people do not know when and how we have to make payments. Due to ignorance, we make more purchases because we do not have money out of pocket due to having a credit card.  We feel that after 50 days, we have to give money when we will give it, but those 50 days start after generating your bill if you bill  Shop 20 days after the draft you get cable 30 days you will have to pay the credit card within 30 days.

 1, For credit card payment, you should pay before the due date fixed by the bank. When the payment is made, the bank adds a very heavy penalty and interest which you see in the next statement and a huge loss.  If so, then you should make payment before the due date.

 2, You should always make the payment of the credit card because if you do not complete the payment of the credit card ₹ 1, even if you have made less payment, then you will be outstanding as much as you can spend the money from the card.  You will have to pay interest on it and that interest is very high, so you should try to make a full payment if due to some reason you have to pay the entire payment.  T not find in that condition you can at least make the minimum payment is the minimum means to pay you the minimum payment of the bank does not have money to maintain the bank’s terms and conditions with a sincere.


 3, You can also pay for credit card by going to net banking or online by that bank’s website.

 4, You can also make the payment of credit card offline, you will have to go to the bank and you will have to pay your card by filling a form there.

 5, Many banks also offer the facility that with our bank credit card you can pay for a credit card from another bank and the payment made is just like your purchase Shiv Hui and from one card to another card  You are able to make payments very easily and the card with which you have made payment, that is outstanding or the amount you have paid, you can also become the installment of that amount.  Can receive the very banks such facility but most banks are only a few banks are unable to pay this kind of do not give you another bank facility which provides such services.

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