200AH Inverter battery Price.

200AH Inverter battery Price. Luminous Red Charge RC 25000 200 Ah:- The economical range of tubular UPS batteries with high performance, made using rugged tubular palates. Luminous inverter battery required minimum maintenance with stand long and frequent power cuts..

200AH Inverter battery Price.

Some Important Points about battery

1) What is Battery Types:- Tall tubular inverter battery that provides many years of service, construction, water level indicators, which is very good for customers.

2) Voltage Nominal:- This battery is 12 volt rated capacity battery at 27 degree celsius, 200Ah, electrolyte volume 19.90 liter, Safety- Overload protection with auto reset to help to inverter.

3) What is dimention of container (l x w x h): 502mm x 191mm x 440 mm

4) What is dry battery weight: Dry weight is 34.3 Kg and filled 200 ah inverter battery weight is 59.0 kg.

5) What is status of charging corrent , Boost mode starting current 20.20: Boost mode finishing current: 10.10

6) About charging:- Fast battery charging with adaptive battery charging control technology of luminous.

7) Efficiency status:- Highly efficient battery which is ideal for heavy duty application with excellent overcharge tolerance supperior performance during ling frequent power cuts, and minimum maintenance.

8) What is status of warranty:- 200AH Inverter battery Price/ Luminous Red Charge RC 25000 200 Ah warranty is 18+18=36 month before 18 fully replacement on manufacturing defects.

9) package inclusions: luminous redcharge rc 25000 200ah inverter battery plate inverter battery for home. instruction manual and warranty card

150Ah Inverter UPS Battery in 2023

Luminous tall tubular batteries are long-lasting batteries which give fully customer satisfaction. Tall tubular batteries have unique patented alloy composition, which protects the lead part of batteries customer. it has void free uniform grain structure, which ensures consistent high quality performance. Luminous inverter batteries are very helpful for the environment. Luminous batteries not only charge fast, hance they last much longer as well as . this reduces electricity consumption which turn increese fincial saving. What’s more their unique design make them extremely strong. so they withstand longer power cuts.

Luminous Red Charge Series Inverter Battery comes with (18+18) Months Warranty. Luminous Tubular Inverter Batteries are long lasting because its positive electrode is using tubular technology which will protect from rusting. Also, Tubular batteries have low loss of water, hence its overall maintenance is low. Tubular batteries have decreased corrosion or the shedding of the plates and prolonged life. Moreover, it can operate at extremes of temperatures; hence, they can be used extensively during extended load-sheddings & for high cyclic applications.

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